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Economic Analysis of Mobile Gear Fishing Within the Proposed Wind Energy Generation Facility Site on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound

Project Summary: The Massachusetts Fishermen's Partnership, Inc. (MFP) and the University of Rhode Island (URI)completed an economic valuation of the Horseshoe Shoal area as a mobile gear fishing ground.  This study contradicts the claim by the Minerals Management Agency in its draft Environmental Impact Statement that Cape Wind would have no significant impact on the fishery

The MFP/URI study shows a total economic loss of over $8 million dollars if the project area remains open to mobile gear fishing, but this could rise to $13 million if the area is ultimately closed.  These losses are significant to the mobile gear fishermen who fish Cape Cod and the Islands.

A mail and telephone contingent valuation survey was conducted to the population of Massachusetts mobile gear fishermen who held coastal access permits endorsed with both squid and fluke.  This permit with those endorsements grants exclusive access to mobile gear fish for squid and fluke in Nantucket Sound and Horseshoe Shoal during specified open fishing seasons.

Forty-eight mobile gear fishermen were contacted by phone or through the mail.  Thirty-four of the forty-eight fishermen contacted said that they annually fish in the Horseshoe Shoal area of Nantucket Sound and agreed to be interviewed.

The MFP/URI study suggests that the overall level of information provided in the draft Environmental Impact Statement by the Minerals Management Service dramatically underestimates the potential impacts of Cape Wind’s proposed development on commercial fishermen, particularly mobile gear fishermen.

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